Australian Researchers Discover
A Hidden “Gut Itch” Causing Intense Flare-Ups In Those Suffering From Irritable Bowels
Plus, A Look Inside The 7-Second Solution That Helped Me Drastically Reduce Belly Bloat, Cramps, And Unpredictable Bowel Movements

“Not AGAIN…”

I thought to myself as my stomach erupted in chaos. 

“His wife is home… and so are his KIDS!”

I felt defeated, again. 

There I was…
Working from my boss’ home office when another digestive flare up decided to ruin my life.
Like so many times in the past…

I knew I had a crucial decision to make…

“Do I try to wait it out until the end of the day, and then race home? Or do I creep out while he’s on a call and silently use his bathroom?”

And that’s when the flashbacks started.

Almost instantly….

I thought back to the time I ‘soiled myself’ at a theme park years before…

Or the regular ‘pit stops’ at my local gas station because I just couldn’t make it home.

Yet, the reason I’m here about to share this embarrassing story is because in the last 6 months…

My bloating, cramping, and irritable
guts have nearly disappeared. 

My bloating, cramping, and irritable guts have nearly disappeared. 

In fact, since this embarrassing incident at my boss’ house…

Which I’ll share more about in just a minute…
My digestive symptoms have almost disappeared entirely:
  • I haven’t had to sprint to the bathroom or make any unexpected “pit stops”
  • My belly is free from the painful bloating that I use to get after certain meals
  • I don't have to race home to empty my demonic stomach
  • The awful gas I use to pass is nowhere to be found
  • Cramping after eating meals is completely non-existent
And for the first time in years, I finally feel “normal” again.

I’ve also been able to reclaim my love for food…

And not have to worry about what I’m eating.

Meal times used to be extremely stressful…

Always having to be cautious about what I ate…

Making sure that it wasn’t going to torment me for hours, days, or even weeks down the road. 

And it’s all because of what I’m going to share in a few minutes about the weird “gut itch” that was wreaking havoc in my gut.
“I simply follow the formula and take once in the morning and once in the evening. I feel great especially after struggling with so many digestive issues.”
– Rosa S.
“Once you have a healthy gut everything else functions so much better within your body. I am experiencing less sweet cravings and bloating as an added bonus of taking this!”
– Kristy B.
“My family is extremely surprise in the difference of how we feel. Our healthy gut has improved exponentially. Didn’t realize how off our digestion was.“
– Marvin H.

I Want To Reveal How I Was Able To Naturally Take Control Of My Digestion

Plus, how I started to take back control of my gut with one simple daily routine.
And all of this happened…
  • Without following a crazy restrictive diet
  • Without using antibiotics and over-the-counter medications
  • And without skipping meals ever again
I’m also going to be sharing a unique method that helped me improve the unknown damage I had deep within my gut. 
The very steps I took are accessible to anyone suffering from this ‘invisible condition’… 

And I’ll be sharing these proven steps in just a minute… 

But before I do, let me introduce myself.

I’m A Health Fanatic By Accident

My name is Austin Dennison and I’m the founder of GOL Nutrition. 

And as a naturally ‘lean’ guy… 

I was lucky enough to grow up never having to worry much about what my body looked or felt like. 

Unfortunately, that changed after college… 

After years of eating the classic American diet…

And a college career that was filled with beer… burgers… and any other “frat junk” I could get my hands on…
  • My digestive system started showing signs of the beating I’d given it. 
Which is why several years ago, I decided to start my self-education in gut health.

And I quickly become obsessed…

Especially after discovering that the gut is linked to dozens of health conditions that most people wouldn’t even guess. 
That’s when I set out on a mission to learn everything about:
  • What was causing my bloated belly and sharp stomach cramps
  • ​Why “healthy” meals weren’t actually helping my digestion
  • ​And the truth about how different diets, pills, and potions affect our guts
Little did I know that I’d uncover a breakthrough study conducted by Australian researchers…

Which I’ll share more about shortly…

That would help me say goodbye to my stomach issues for good.

My Stomach Was
A Ticking Time Bomb...

It was only a matter of time…

Because I knew my stomach was due for one of those “please God don’t let this happen to me right now” encounters.

The worst part is I didn’t know where or when it would happen. 

So, I did what any logical person with IBS would do…

And I started putting “bandaids” on my digestive problems. 
  • It started with meal deliveries.
Blue Apron… Hello Fresh… a local gal named Ava…

You name it, I tried it.

After years of fast food and Uber Eats…

I thought trying out a healthier diet would help with my IBS symptoms. 

But my guts still rumbled…

My bloating still ballooned…

And my sanity was going out the window.

Even green veggies like broccoli…

And simple fruits like apples…

Turned my stomach upside down! 
  • Next up were the lactase pills…
I had a roommate tell me that maybe I should try cutting out dairy.

So I cried a little inside… 

Stopped buying dairy products…

And resorted to lactase pills when cheese was too hard to resist.

It didn’t take too long to realize that I felt the same with or without dairy. 
  • Then came the tea and yoga.
I tried to find my “zen” by doing morning yoga…

Because it was recommended in an IBS support group.

So each morning I’d wake up…

Roll out my yoga mat…

And try not to think about the bloated stomach that woke me up before my alarm clock.

While I loved the health benefits of practicing yoga…

It wasn’t helping to take my mind off the chronic stomach problems I was experiencing. 

"Am I ever going to find a solution that works...?"

I desperately thought to myself…

Just sitting, waiting, and wishing for a simple fix to my IBS issues.


None of my prayers were answered.

I spent what felt like a lifetime trying to figure out what was wrong with my stomach…

And each day I felt further and further away from finding a simple gut fix that would allow me to feel normal without having to change my lifestyle.

Little Did I Know, My Stomach Staged A “Grand Finale” While I Quietly Worked From My Boss’s Home Office

It was an ordinary fall day…

And just like most ordinary days…

My gut felt like it was about to explode. 

“Not again…” I thought to myself.

But I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

So, I decided to sneak out of the room and silently use the bathroom at the end of the hall.

I still remember how self-conscious I felt since his entire family innocently sat just a floor below me. 

"Please don't let this be a bad one..."

My mind kept racing.   

After what felt like hours of sitting on the toilet…

And a small orchestra of bowel movements playing…

I awkwardly returned back to the office awaiting my fate.

“Are they gonna say anything? What if they laugh? What if his family heard me?”

I could feel the embarrassment on my face.

Everything inside of me wanted to act sick…

Tell my coworkers I wasn’t feeling well and that I needed to go home…

And It Was At That Moment When I Realized I Was Living In Constant Fear Of My Stomach

It became crystal clear that my gut was dictating my life.

Aside from the embarrassment of having to overtake my boss’ home bathroom…

I thought back to dozens of times that my stomach betrayed me in the past.
  • Office happy hours…
  • Friendly get-togethers…
  • Getting intimate with women…
The list went on.

There were times I fell victim to “bubble guts”…
Others where I couldn’t poop for several days…

There were meals that made my belly look like I was pregnant…

And certain foods that gave me almost unbearable cramps.

I started to realize that whenever I went out in public…
  • I was always on “high alert” making sure that there was always a bathroom close by.
It didn’t matter what I ate… how much yoga I did… or what medications I tried… 

My gut didn’t want to cooperate with me!

Things got so stressful that I found myself worrying about every bite of food I took…

And That’s Why I Decided To Take Matters Into My Own Hands

Living in constant fear of food was no way to live…

So I decided to do something about it. 

I got home from work that night with a burning desire to get to the bottom of my IBS issues. 

If diets, pills, and potions weren’t going to help me…

I would find a way to help myself. 

Especially since things were taking a toll on me mentally.

That’s when I deployed my professional “Google Degree”…

Because I felt like I hit a brick wall searching for answers to my IBS symptoms.

The next few hours flew by.  

My fingers were moving at the speed of light as I furiously searched through hundreds and hundreds of medical studies…

And I wasn’t going to stop until I had answers about my unpredictable digestion.

That’s When I Discovered A Shocking Breakthrough That Would End Up Changing My Gut Issues For Good

Eyes getting heavy… my body telling me to go to sleep…

I ended up stumbling upon a study done by Australian doctors at the “Harvard” of Australia.

And tucked between pages and pages of lab tests…

There it was.

“This could be the underlying cause of abdominal discomfort and pain in IBS patients…”

My eyes shot back open with excitement…

After years of frustration, 
I finally felt my first sense of hope.
And as I continued reading the study…

I soon discovered an unexpected digestive fix that would change my life forever.

The “Mosquito Bite” That Was Terrorizing My Tummy

What I learned is that because I was struggling from irritable bowel syndrome… 

I was fighting an uphill battle against smooth digestion1 without even knowing it. 

In a 2019 study…

Researchers at a leading Australian Research Institute discovered that the same receptors responsible for making human skin itch are also present in the gut.2

Like any common itch on the skin…

These receptors signal neurons that tell the brain to itch the affected area. 

Ever get a mosquito bite? 

Little did I know…
That same itchy, annoying feeling from a mosquito bite is happening deep down in the gut. 
And to make things even worse…

People who suffer from IBS have more of these “itch receptors” than the average healthy person.3

What happens is that…

Over time…

These extra receptors rewire how the brain responds to pain…
And they often trigger “pain signals” that may not even be there. 

This is why some GI doctors will tell patients that their IBS symptoms are “all in their head.”

And things don’t stop there.

As I continued to dissect this breakthrough study…

My gut troubles started to finally make sense to me. 

But the one question that I still had was:

“How in the heck do I itch my gut?”

I couldn’t just stick my hand down my insides and give my gut a good scratch…

Although I was so desperate at this point I would have if I could.

So, I continued to follow the rabbit-trail of medical research…

And I soon uncovered the real culprit behind the itchiness in my gut: 
It’s name is Staphylococcus aureus.
It’s name is Staphylococcus aureus.
(also known as “Staph” for short)
According to the American Society for Microbiology,
“Staphylococcus aureus is a major human pathogen that causes a wide range of clinical infections.” 4
It’s estimated that up to 50% of all adults carry S. aureus at any given time.

This pesky pathogen is passed person-to-person by direct contact…

Enters the body through the mouth or nose…

And some populations tend to have higher rates of S. aureus.6

Such as health care workers… 

People who use needles on a regular basis… 

And immunocompromised individuals… 

But that’s not all…

A 2018 study the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases revealed that,
“S. aureus often can live in the nose or gut without causing any harm. However, if the skin barrier is broken, or the immune system compromised, these colonizing bacteria can cause serious infections.” 7
The doctor behind the research may even look familiar:
This is Dr. Anthony Fauci…

He acts as the director of the NIAID and recently gained global recognition for his work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Love him or hate him…

Dr. Fauci is an extremely accomplished doctor…   

And is research shows how antagonizing Staph can be.

Every day… 

A growing number of healthy people develop life-threatening Staph infections…

Sometimes without even knowing it.

Doctors recognize S. aureus as one of the most important bacteria that cause disease in humans.

And the worst part?

It’s Invading The Gut!

Go to most doctors with IBS symptoms and they’ll tell say:

“Try changing diets. Avoid dairy and consider going gluten free.”

“Let’s try an antibiotic and see how that helps.” 

Or worse…

“It’s all in the head! Try not to stress about it.”

But now doctors from Sweden have revealed that there’s more than meets the eye with these symptoms…
What happens is that things like: 
  • Antibiotics…
  • Certain foods (with gluten and those high in FODMAPs)…
  • And over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin and acetaminophen…
All create “pockets” that allow S. aureus (and it’s “cousin” Streptococcus spp.) to settle and colonize in the gut wall… 

Ultimately causing inflammation10 to ‘flare up’ in the gut.

Take a look at this in action:
See the red arrow on the image above?

That’s the “mosquito bite” that’s responsible for chronic:

Bloating… cramping… constipation… and diarrhea…

All due to Staph causing inflammation in the gut.
So to summarize everything so far:
  • People with IBS have more “itch receptors” present in their gut than healthy people do
  • A bad bacteria called S. Aureus (or “Staph”) acts like a “mosquito bite” deep in the gut wall and causes inflammation
  • This inflammation leads to bloating, cramping, and irritable bowel movements
And think about this…
❌ More itch receptors means more “itchiness”

❌ More “itchiness” means more inflammation

❌ And more inflammation means more pain
I started to realize that because there’s so many factors involved…

IBS can be extremely hard to manage.

That’s when I began asking myself the hard questions…
Understanding this is crucial to fixing these digestive issues for good…

So I started to think back to the last time a mosquito bit me…

And I immediately thought about my natural instinct to scratch the itch.

Unfortunately, scratching actually makes the itching worse. 

Here’s why…
Scratching results in the brain’s release of serotonin (better known as the body’s “happy” chemical).11
Which intensifies the itch sensation.

And as a result?
We scratch… and scratch… and scratch… 
Until the little mosquito bite looks like this:
This almost-unconscious scratching is what doctors refer to as the Itch-Scratch Cycle…12

And it happens when we continue to scratch an itch over and over again…

Without the inflamed skin ever getting time to fully heal.
  • This cycle creates a never-ending “feedback loop” of chronic pain and discomfort.
Here’s what this cycle looks like:
Now imagine this same “Itch-Scratch Cycle” happening deep down in the gut…

Where an estimated 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced.13


The body’s “happy chemical”…

Helps communicate pain signals to the brain along the gut-brain axis.

The big idea here is that there’s an “itch” in the gut…

And the pain from that itch is being relayed to the brain…

Triggering chronic digestive pain that’s hard to get rid of.

Understanding this vicious cycle made me start wondering…

“Then How Do I Itch My Gut Without Scratching It…?”

If I couldn’t itch my gut without over-activating my “itch receptors”…

And if every other solution I tried only made things worse…

Then how was I going to fix my digestive issues?
I’d already tried what felt like every “trick” in the bag:
  • Cutting out gluten, dairy, and high FODMAP foods
  • Drinking peppermint tea in the morning, at lunch, and before bed
  • Doing yoga in my living room to “trick” my mind
Heck, there were days I just decided not to eat altogether! 
I became so afraid of putting anything in my body…

That some days it was just easier to skip entire meals than to deal with the consequences.

What I realized is that if I wanted to get rid of my “gut itch”…

I needed to treat it like any normal mosquito bite…

That’s when I discovered…

There’s A Simple Way To Block The Gut’s Itch-Scratch Cycle Once And For All

What if there was a way to “ turn off ” the feedback loop that Staph triggers? 

A simple solution that gets rid of the “mosquito bite” in the gut for good?
Imagine how much better things would feel if there was…
  • No more aching cramps…
  • No more belly bloating…
  • And no more unpredictable trips to the toilet.
Since IBS is kind of like a “Swiss army knife”…

Meaning it causes different issues for different people…

We can’t just take a one-step approach and expect issues to be gone for good.

Just like a mosquito bite… 

It’s crucial to handle digestive issues in a series of linear steps.

These Easy-To-Follow Steps Are What I Call The “Gut Itch” Protocol

It’s a simple 3-step solution to put an end to the nagging itch that torments the digestive system and causes these intense flare ups.
Here’s How it Works:
Step #1: Reduce the current gut inflammation

Step #2: Restore the gut microbiota

Step #3: Protect the gut wall
Most people with IBS understand that their gut is missing “healthy bacteria”…

But it’s crucial to understand which bacteria strains help…

Which strains don’t…

And how to restore them in the right order.

That’s why we follow this protocol in 3 linear steps…

Otherwise the risk of triggering the “Itch-Scratch Cycle” again is high. 

Let me walk through each step of the protocol… 

Step 1: Reduce Gut Inflammation

Reducing the current inflammation that’s happening in the gut is central to this system. 

Most people skip this step because they try to repair the gut right away…
But reducing the inflammation first is key.
The best way to do this is by stopping the growth of S. Aureus. 
Remember that S. Aureus (or “Staph”) is the bacteria that’s finding its way into the “pockets” of the gut…

And it’s causing the gut itch in the first place. 

To stop the itch from multiplying…

It’s crucial to stop its growth. 

With a normal mosquito bite…
One of the natural home remedies is to apply honey to the affected area…15

And it’s because honey has been shown to reduce inflammation.16

Unfortunately, honey is a high FODMAP food because of it’s high levels of fructose.17

So it’s not a reasonable solution for those with IBS.

Luckily, researchers from Switzerland found a healthy bacteria that blocks “Staph” from growing and reduces inflammation.18
It’s name is L. Plantarum… 

And it acts as the “first line of defense” against Staph so that it can’t multiply in the gut. 

I was relieved when I discovered that researchers at the World Journal of Gastroenterology conducted a double blind, placebo-controlled trial that backed this up.

In a study of 214 IBS patients…
52% of patients in the control group reported that L. Plantarum helped reduce the frequency of abdominal pain after only 4 weeks…19
And 78% of them also reported a decrease in bloating.

Needless to say…

The effects of L. Plantarum on those who suffer from IBS are tremendous in reducing inflammation in the gut. 

And once the growth of S. Aureus stops and inflammation is reduced…

It’s time to move onto Step #2 of the protocol…

Step 2: Restore The Gut Microbiota

The next logical step is to restore the gut microbiota back to a healthy normal.

Remember those “pockets” from earlier?

Well, it’s easy for Staph to colonize inside of them… 

Because there’s nothing that’s trying to stop them.

In healthy people, healthy bacteria work to fight off the “bad guys” in the gut. 
But studies have shown that patients with IBS have lower levels of two extremely important bacteria strains: 

Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus.20

These two strains are like a one-two punch… 

Knocking out the bad bacteria roaming around in the gut.
So during this step it’s absolutely necessary to restore levels of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus back to a healthy norm.
Doing so helps soothe the irritated skin from the “mosquito bite” in the gut.

We’ve already reduced the “itching” in Step #1…

Which means Step #2 is all about starting the healing process.

The big idea here is that people with uncontrollable bowels lack the essential microbes that work to “balance” the gut.21 

Once these are restored… 

The gut doesn’t react unpredictably to certain foods…

Which means less boating… 

Less cramping…

And more consistent bowel movements.
So up to this point in the protocol:
  • We’ve stopped the growth of S. Aureus in the gut wall
  • We’ve restored healthy bacteria in the gut microbiota
Now it’s time to make sure we prevent future itching in the gut… 

Step 3: Protect The Gut Wall

Since Staph is passed by human-to-human contact…

It’s important to build a strong defense against this gut invader. 

But before we dive into how to do that…

Here’s a quick question:
What’s the best way to prevent a mosquito bite?
The answer is simple…

Spray on mosquito repellent, right?


What if there was a natural “mosquito repellent” that we could use to protect our gut? 

Thanks to a study done by scientists at the International Society for Infectious Diseases…

We now know there is!

It’s called L. Paracasei.

And it acts as a barrier to prevent injuries caused by Staph.22

Think of it as the player that protects the quarterback… 

The gut is on the field trying to call out certain plays…
  • “Digest this food!”
  • “Process that nutrient!”
And L. Paracasei is the “player” that makes sure no one gets it the way…
With the combination of L. Plantarum, Bifidobacterium, and Lactobacillus…

We now have a complete system to shield the gut from itchiness…

And completely take care of the Itch-Scratch Cycle for good!

After learning about these medical discoveries…

I couldn’t wait to try the protocol on myself.

So, I Decided To Turn Myself Into A Human Science Experiment

And look…

I get that I don’t have a white coat with some important letters on it…

But we both know that “self diagnosing” our issues can sometimes be the only way to get to the truth about our health.

I figured that there’s really no one in the world that understands my body like I do…

And I wanted to test out the effects of a following the protocol to see how my digestion reacted.

It was an extremely costly and time-consuming science experiment… 

But one that I felt I had no choice but to do…

Because I just couldn’t stomach another day of digestive uncertainty.

Now, most of the bacteria names from the “Gut Itch” Protocol were completely foreign to me at the time.

I couldn’t go buy them at my local grocery store… 

So I did some digging…

And I was able to find these crucial ingredients in a variety of different foods and supplements.

Desperate for an answer…

I whipped out my wallet and purchased my “homemade cocktail” of healthy bacteria… 

And before I knew it…

My Digestion Was
Smoother Than Ever Before

The painful abdominal cramps I experienced after certain meals vanished…

The bloating that made my stomach swell like a balloon was nearly non-existent…

And I finally didn’t fear having to use the bathroom. 

It was like my stomach decided to finally cooperate with me for once!
Imagine the relief I felt after years of fighting with my own digestive system.
Unfortunately, during the protocol I ran into a few issues.

I quickly realized that no matter how great I felt…

This “bacteria buffet” wasn’t a sustainable way to fix my gut.

Here’s why:
Issue #1: Getting “healthy bacteria” was expensive
I found out that L. Plantarum…

The healthy bacteria that helps reduce gut inflammation…
Is in kefir.

So, I jumped in my car…

Rushed to my local Whole Foods Market… 

And before I knew it…

I had my first bottle of blueberry kefir in my hands.

After dinner that night, I decided to have my first glass.

And I’ll admit that it went down smooth.

Almost too smooth.

Within the next 24 hours…
Only having taken the recommended serving size…23

I’d already drank the entire 32 oz. bottle! 

And while my gut did, in fact, feel good…
I quickly knew that I couldn’t afford paying for one bottle of kefir that only lasted me a day…
That’d be nearly $120 for the entire month! 

Just for ONE of the healthy bacteria strains that my gut needed to thrive…
Issue #2: Some of the foods were downright gross
I’ll be honest…

I’m not a super picky eater…

But there are certain foods that I simply don’t care to eat.

And I wasn’t going to gobble down kimchi every day just so I could get a healthy amount of L. Paracasei in my diet.24 
I knew I needed to find a simple solution that didn’t require me to restrict my diet. 
Issue #3: There was no one-size-fits-all solution
This shouldn’t have surprised me…

Especially after years of searching for solutions…

But out of all the foods and supplements I spent hours researching…

I couldn’t find a solution that had everything I needed in the Gut-Itch Protocol. 

I found probiotic supplements that could help with 1 or sometimes 2 of the steps…

But I wasn’t willing to try to put a “bandaid” on my gut in hopes it would work. 

I’d tried that before and it led me to feeling hopeless about my gut…

That’s When I Decided To Take Matters Into My Own Hands

After months of research and years of stomach issues…

I wasn’t willing to just quit there.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands… 
And I teamed up with a group health professionals to figure out a simple solution that:
  • I could easily use with my busy schedule…
  • Didn’t require me to give up the foods I loved…
  • And that was easy to create a healthy habit out of…
I told my team that I wanted this solution to be:
  • 100% plant-based and natural
  • Completely free from additives and preservatives
  • Formulated so the bacteria survived on their way to my gut
We spent MONTHS sourcing these ingredients and perfecting the formula…
And I spent over $31,000 of my own money having my team of health professionals formulate this breakthrough digestive solution…
But the extra time and additional money we spent was well worth it!

Because the day my first supply arrived at my door was a day I’ll never forget…

I Was Finally Able To Feel Digestive Relief For The First Time In Years!

I committed myself to using this power-packed solution for 45 days…

And I couldn’t believe the results. 

To be quite frank:
I felt like an entirely new person…
After years of avoiding the tortillas at Chipotle…

I could finally eat them again without having to suffer from a belly the size of a beach ball.

I started eating out more and socializing again…

Without having to always be on “high alert” for where the nearest bathroom was. 

Most importantly…

I reclaimed some of the lost confidence I was missing from having a body that I couldn’t understand.
It’s almost like I unzipped my IBS skin and jumped into a whole new body…
Which is why after testing it on myself…

I wanna introduce this science-backed IBS solution to the world for the first time.
And it’s an all-natural solution for people that suffer from “invisible to the eye” digestive issues like IBS.

It’s a lab-tested probiotic that helps restore a healthy gut in those that suffer from IBS…

In just 60 days or less.

IBPro is manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA compliant facility right here in the United States…

Meaning that every single capsule of IBPro is made safely to the highest of standards…

And every batch is safety checked by our team of lab experts…

To ensure that what’s seen on the label is what’s actually inside.

But that’s still just the start…

Here’s What Makes IBPro Different From Other Probiotics On The Market:

Simply adding these 4 “healthy bacteria” strains to any diet…

In the right dosages, like are found in IBPro…

Plus, by including a special “prebiotic” which I’ll share more about in a second…

Could be the difference between digestive disaster…

And living free from a damaged tummy.
Unfortunately, most probiotics on the market just don’t work to ease irritable digestive problems…

Because the either contain the wrong probiotic strains…

The wrong amount of probiotic strains (known as CFUs)…
Or they don’t contain a prebiotic that ensures the healthy bacteria get delivered to the gut.
Our team accounted for all of this when creating IBPro…

Which is exactly why we included the ingredients we did.

Here’s How Each Ingredient Follows 

Breakthrough Bacteria #1: Lactobacillus Plantarum
Breakthrough Bacteria #1: Lactobacillus Plantarum
In a 2016 study by the Saudi Biological Society, doctors showed just how tremendous the benefits of L. Plantarum are… 

Mainly because of its antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, anti-obesity and antidiabetic properties.25

The benefits to those that suffer from IBS are notable… 

L. Plantarum produces lactic acid…

Which helps ensure that pathogenic bacteria like S. Aureus don’t “stick” to the gut wall…

And it’s also been shown to stop the growth of S. Aureus by over 75%.26

Ultimately, L. Plantarum helps reduce inflammation in the gut.
Breakthrough Bacteria #2: Bifidobacterium Lactis
Breakthrough Bacteria #2: Bifidobacterium Lactis
As mentioned earlier…

Anyone that suffers from IBS naturally has lower levels of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus… 

Which is why we wanted to make sure to help elevate those levels with B. Lactis.

B. Lactis has not only been shown to reduce bloating and gas…27

But a randomized, double-blind group study also showed that B. Lactis helps gastrointestinal transit and improvement of symptoms in IBS with constipation.28
Breakthrough Bacteria #3:
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Breakthrough Bacteria #3: Lactobacillus Acidophilus
In a 2016 study…

Ingestion of Lactobacillus Acidophilus for just 4 weeks reduced abdominal pain and discomfort.29

Needless to say…

L. Acidophilus has been shown to help with the chronic pain that comes with IBS. 

We included it in the IBPro formulation to aid in the reduction of those painful cramps that occur after certain meals. 

The scientific journal, Obesity, also reported that this species helped ‘decrease waistline circumference and abdominal fat storage.30
Breakthrough Bacteria #4:
Lactobacillus Paracasei
Breakthrough Bacteria #4:
Lactobacillus Paracasei
L. Paracasei has been shown to be one of the Lactobacillus species with the maximum interference activity against S. Aureus.31

In other words, it blocks S. Aureus from entering the gut in the first place.

Plus, We Even Added A Special Prebiotic To Our Formula!

It’s called Marine Polysaccharide Complex...
And it’s only job is to make sure all of the healthy bacteria contained in IBPro actually make it all the way to the gut.
It acts as a shield to the probiotic strains…

And prevents harsh stomach acid from destroying them.

A prebiotic is an essential addition to any probiotic supplement.

Most probiotics don’t contain a prebiotic…

Which is why they don’t end up having any lasting effects.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on your own supply of IBPro…

And you might also be wondering: 
“How much should I take each day?”

The thing is, there is a limited quantity of IBPro available. 

That’s just a fact of life.

These probiotics are grown in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility in Duluth, GA.

Plus these supplements go through rigorous testing to ensure their safety and potency.

None of this is easy...or cheap to do.  

Truth is, it’s a rather expensive process.

And to top it off, supplies are flying off the warehouse shelves faster than we anticipated…

Now that so many Americans are discovering the relief IBPro can bring for their IBS symptoms.

Which means that we could be out-of-stock at any given time…

Obviously, we want to help as many people as we can by getting IBPro into their hands.

So we’re doing everything we can to address this issue.  

But the reality is we can only produce a limited amount of IBPro at any given time. 

And since IBPro is working for just about anybody with IBS…

Folks keep ordering multiple bottles at a time. 

Which is making it hard for us to keep up with the demand.  

After all, around 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from IBS.  

That’s a lot of IBPro!  

And while I’m thrilled to be helping so many people…

It’s tough for us to keep up with the demand!

So yes, the possibility of being out of inventory at any given moment is very real.  

But I don’t want anybody to have to suffer from the life-stopping symptoms that IBS brings.

Especially not since there is a safe and natural solution available in IBPro.  

Which is why, in just a minute, I’m going to show you how to get your very own supply of IBPro.

But first I owe you an answer to that second question.

“How much should I take every day?”

This one’s pretty easy.

All you need to do is take one capsule, twice daily.  

I su ally take one about mid morning and one in the afternoon.  

It’s that simple!  

Of course, every person is different so you may need to adjust your dose to fit your needs.  

But here’s why it’s crucial to try IBPro for at least 60 days…

While IBPro starts working to heal your gut immediately…

And you may start feeling some relief starting from day 1…

The longer you use IBPro, the better chance it has to optimize your gut health

And don’t just take my word for it.
“This is the only probiotic that I have ever used so I can’t compare it to others but this one solved all my digestive problems. Definitely would recommend it to friend and family. Will buy again.”
– Robbie P.
“I got this product for my girlfriend, who suffers with IBS symptoms. Probiotics have helped to ease her IBS symptoms, but it is hard to find formulations with L. Plantarum, which seems to be most helpful for her. This one has that strain as well as three others.”
– Matt H.
“I love probiotics and purchased this for my family. Benefits and reasons we take probiotics is for irritable bowel, stomach issues and over all immune system. Plus we feel great.”
– Taylor R.
And with results like that, what IBS sufferer wouldn’t want IBPro to be part of their life?

So I personally recommend getting at least 3 bottles of IBPro to start with…

And getting 6 bottles if you want the best shot of optimizing your gut health 

To be clear, this is the only place that you can buy IBPro.

There will be many knock-offs out there, no doubt…

But if it didn’t come from this website, it’s not real IBPro.  

And as I’ve already mentioned, we are having trouble keeping up with demand.

But if you’re seeing this webpage today, then I have good news.

Because that means that we have IBPro In Stock And Ready To Ship!

Now, normally IBPro would be $150.00 a bottle.  

But while you’re on this website today…
You can have IBPro delivered to your home at a major discount.
So you can enjoy relief from your IBS symptoms without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

Which of course beats going to a doctor to get a prescription…

And then slogging your way down to the pharmacy to pick up an overpriced bottle from Big Pharma.   
Plus IBPro isn’t habit-forming.

And it’s 100% vegan friendly.  

So that it’s safe for just about anyone to use.

But it’s really about all the benefits money can’t buy

Like being able to go see your daughter’s basketball game instead of missing out because of another flare-up.

Or never having to face the embarrassment of being bloated like a hot air balloon in public.  

Imagine saying “good riddance” to the endless revolving door of constipation and diarrhea.  

Imagine finally being FREE…

Free from the chains of IBS…

So You Can Start Living Life On YOUR Terms Again!

After seeing all of this laid out, I’d actually feel completely comfortable charging $150 per bottle. 

It’d be worth every penny!  

But that’s not how I look at this.

And I’m not going to ask you to pay anywhere near $150 per bottle today.

I honestly just want to help as many people as I possibly can.  

Which is why when you order right now, you can get your very own bottle for just $49.  

But that’s just the beginning…

I understand that most people will want to take IBPro for years to come.

And since we never when we are going to have some in stock…

I totally understand why folks are buying 6 bottles at a time.  

I get it, I would be doing the same thing. 

So to reward you for planning ahead... 

And since it’s just easier for us to ship you 6 bottles instead of shipping you one every month…

We are offering significant discounts to anyone who stocks up on the 6 bottle supply today.  
So that it’ll only cost you $29 a bottle.
Which is a savings of $228 when you order right now.  

Plus we’re even going to throw in free shipping as a way of saying “welcome to the club.”

That’s another $14.99 in savings for you today. 

But these incredible discounts are only available for a limited time. 

And while supplies last.

So select the 6-bottle option (or whichever option works best for you) below

And Claim Your Supply Today While IBPro Is Still In Stock!


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18

+ $5.95 S&H


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84

+ FREE Shipping


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84

+ FREE Shipping


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18

+ $5.95 S&H

(These special discounts are only available for a limited time)

After choosing the best package for your needs…

You’ll be sent to a 100% safe and secure checkout page. 

After filling out a brief order form with your information…

Your supply of IBPro will be on its way to your home!

It should arrive within 5 business days from today.  

So after seeing all of this…

While this may be the easiest, least expensive way you could invest in yourself today…

It’s probably the single most important thing you could do for health right now. 

Not only are you optimizing your gut health…

Guaranteeing the perfect poops that come on a regular schedule…

Saying goodbye to the endless revolving door of constipation and diarrhea.

While never having to worry that you look pregnant because of extreme bloating again.

But it’s really about the freedom.  

Freedom from being chained inside the bathroom whenever your IBS decides to flare up.

So that you can get back to living your best life again.  

Just one bottle of IBPro will get you started down this path to freedom

Three bottles ensures that you can stay on this path without interruption.

And with a 6-bottle supply of IBPro…

You could nearly guarantee this kind of freedom for half a year without a second thought.  

But That’s Not All You Get!

The Gut Check Guide
When ordering today, I’m also going to include a FREE copy of our “Gut Check” Guide.

This is a snack-sized guide that walks through exactly how to go from “troubled tummy” to healthy gut in 60 days or less. Inside you’ll learn:
  • The key “gut factors” that help improve digestion and overall wellness
  • Signs of an unhealthy gut and which recovery method works best to repair it
  • A 60-day plan to reduce all digestive issues
Plus, a detailed section about the gut-brain connection and its importance in creating a digestive system that does its job without the aches and pains.
Green Smoothie Lifestyle
I’m also going to include a FREE copy of the Green Smoothie Lifestyle ebook.

Smoothies have helped me go from “sick and tired” to being able to hit the reset button on the way I’m feeling.

This ebook uncovers why “power greens” offer a wide range of benefits for those trying to feel their best.
  • Learn the simple smoothie mistakes to avoid (these mistakes are a lot more common than you would ever expect)
  • 7 healthy and delicious at-home smoothie recipes 
  • The best types of greens to use in smoothies for best results
The value of these two additional bonuses is $47. We’ll include them both for FREE with every order of IBPro!

So now you get to choose which package best fits your needs

And Experience The True Freedom That Optimal Gut Health Can Bring.


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18

+ $5.95 S&H


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84

+ FREE Shipping


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84

+ FREE Shipping


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18

+ $5.95 S&H

(These special discounts are only available for a limited time)

Here’s Exactly How Our 180-Day “Gut Check” Guarantee Works:

When you click on the package of your choice on this page today…

You’re saying “maybe” to IBPro.

And when your package arrives in a few days…

I want you to start taking 1 capsule before each meal.

(At least 2 capsules a day)

And then see how you start feeling.
Most folks who take IBPro end up falling head over heels in love with what IBPro does for them.  

But I’m taking all the risk and putting it on my shoulders here. 

So if for some reason, you don’t experience these same life-changing results…

Just call, email, or even text my U.S. based customer service team…


And we’ll refund the entire investment with no questions asked.

Making this offer a true “no-brainer” for anyone suffering from IBS.  

And remember, this 100% money-back guarantee is good for a full 180 days.  

So there’s no rush.

I want to give you as much time as you need to see how IBPro makes you feel.  

Consider this:

Wouldn't taking IBPro for a test drive help you make a more informed decision? 

Well thanks to my bold money-back guarantee, you can do just that for a full 6 months…

100% risk-free.  

So if try IBPro for 179 days and don’t love the way you feel…

You can call the whole thing off and get every penny back.  

That why I encourage you to try it for as long as you need. 

Go ahead and get the 6-bottle supply and give it a shot.

You’ve got nothing to lose because I’m shouldering all the risk here.  

I’ve made it easy for you to say goodbye to those terrible digestive issues.  

And to say hello to a life of true, uninhibited freedom.  

The way you were meant to live. 

So, Mark Your Calendar 179 Days From Today

Yes, that’s right…

Get out a pen and mark the calendar for 179 days from now.

If after 179 days, IBPro doesn’t do everything I promised it can…

Please write a quick email to our support team at…

Or call us at (612) 440-4423 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm PST.

We will issue a full refund…

No questions asked…

And there’s no need to even ship the bottles back or pay additional shipping fees!

Yes, I’m finally ready to get my IBS symptoms under control!

And take IBPro on a “test drive” now!


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18 $65

+ $5.95 S&H


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198 $245

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84 $131

+ FREE Shipping

(These special discounts are only available for a limited time)


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198 $245

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84 $131

+ FREE Shipping


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18 $65

+ $5.95 S&H

"IBPro is the very first probiotic to have ever helped me with my awful and excruciating stomach pains. I take one at lunch before I eat and another at dinner before I eat. I don't eat breakfast, never have been able to eat before 1pm. It helps my bowels to be more regular also. Thank you so much for this amazing product! It's a dream come true for me!"
– Barbara B.

You are now at a crossroads in your life.

You have two paths to choose from.

One choice is to stay on the path that you’re on right now.  

Letting your chaotic digestion dictate your life... 

Always on alert for where the closest bathroom is located... 

Missing out on making memories with friends and family...

Too ashamed or embarrassed to do anything about it.  

But since you’ve read this far, I know that’s not the path you want to take.  

So I’m guessing you’ll take the other path...

And choose the solution I shared with you today.

And try IBPro for 6 months, 100% risk-free.  

It’s the reason I decided to make it so easy for you to say “YES” to IBPro today.  

I’ve gone to great lengths to shoulder all the risk here so that you will choose the path that improves your life.  

So go ahead and click below to choose the right package for you.

And join the movement to start living a gut optimized life.  

Yes, I choose the path to freedom By ordering my package of IBPro right now…

So That I Can Say Goodbye To My Digestive Issues Starting Today!


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18 $65

+ $5.95 S&H


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198 $245

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84 $131

+ FREE Shipping

(These special discounts are only available for a limited time)


6 Month Supply

$29 / each

Savings: $198 $245

+ FREE Shipping


3 Month Supply

$39 / each

Savings: $84 $131

+ FREE Shipping


1 Month Supply

$49 / each

Savings: $18 $65

+ $5.95 S&H

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay I’m ready to order IBPro! What now?
It’s easy…

Just click on one of the packages you see above…

And place your order.

The 6 bottle package is the most popular option by far because of the extra savings…

But no matter which package you choose…

The moment you place your order…

We’ll begin rushing IBPro out to you.

Then, once you’ve received your order in a few short days from now…

Simply start taking one capsule each day…

And I’m confident that you’ll be amazed by the things you experience with IBPro.

Plus, as I just mentioned…

This is all covered by a 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

So go ahead and select your package right now…

That way you can try out IBPro for yourself right away.

Order now while we still have stock...

And we can't wait to hear how IBPro works for your IBS issues!
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